Carbonrevo Aluminium Washers – 10pcs / Pack

SGD $10.00

  • M6 Screws are for Thunder, DT3, Ultra, Raptor, Compact, DT1, DT1
  • M5 Screws are for Speedway 4, 5 , Spider, Eagle Pro.


  • Add that last finishing touch to your scooters with these all new Carbonrevo aluminium washers.
  • Available in anodized black, blue, gold, green, gunmetal, orange, purple, red and silver, these washers feature Carbonrevo logo.
  • All washers are constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and are matched up with long lasting stainless steel bolts.
  • The Carbonrevo Aluminium Washer Pack include 4pc M6 25 + 6pc M6 16mm stainless steel dacromat coated bolts by default.
  • The washers will fit any holes with screw thread bigger than 6mm.
  • This pack is recommended for use on your scooters like covers, brackets, deck, etc..
  • The M5 Screws fit Speedway 4, 5 , Spider, Eagle Pro
  • In most case if u are just adding the washers to your deck, U can use the original screws from the Dualtron.

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