Dualtron Stem Adaptor V2 – Comparison Chart
Dualtron Stem Adaptor Ver 2 001
Dualtron Stem Adaptor Ver 2 002
Dualtron Stem Adaptor Ver 2 003
Dualtron Stem Adaptor Ver 2 006
Dualtron Stem Adaptor Ver 2 007
Dualtron Stem Adaptor Ver 2 008

Direct replacement for the original Dualtron part that allows you to upgrade to any MTB stem and handlebar.

  • Fits only old models without LED at the side of the steering column. Please check before purchase.
  • CNC milling from high quality aluminum block
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Colors: Black Anodize
  • Fits most MTB stems of 28.6mm
  • Do not need to add shim. You just have to add the stem and tighten it.
  • Net weight: 50g
  • DIY definitely possible.
  • Does not fit DT3, Thunder & Spider.

Dualtron Stem Adaptor – V2 ( 3 Sizes )

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Installation Guide

  • Loosen the brake levers, throttle and switches on the handlebar.
  • Remove the 2 long screws connecting the stem and the steering rod.
  • Do not remove the 4 screws at the stem.
  • Proceed to use a hammer to apply force on the original handlebar in order to knock the whole assembly out.
  • It should take about less than 5 mins.
  • Once its out, u might want to clean up the area where there is glue residue. You may choose to sand it smooth and give it a coat of paint.
  • Insert the new stem adaptor.
  • Tighten the 4 screws that are provided. Make sure spring washers are used.. Do not use the original 2 long screws.
  • Final step is to install the handlebar stem that you have. No shims are required.

Additional information

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