About Us

About Us
Carbonrevo designs and manufacture high quality carbon fibre accessories for automotive and electric scooters. Using the highest standards in whatever we do, we are always leading the competition. Safety and quality are our main features of our products, there is no compromise. Carbonrevo is always investing in new technologies and machines to ensure that we will always be the best.

Carbonrevo’s core values is straightforward in the fulfillment of the organization’s objective. We pursue excellence and unsurpassed service that promotes the well-being of the consumers.

Since 2007, Carbonrevo has been making many high quality parts for automotive like hoods, trunks, spoilers and etc bodykits. We also provide carbon fibre lamination / skinning service for worn out interior parts especially for supercars.

In 2013, we brought in 3d printers and scanners to improve our capabilities in designing and prototyping.

Subsequently, Carbonrevo invested in more machinery like laser cutter engraver, cnc router and uv printer.

Carbonrevo started to manufacture parts and accessories for electric scooters models like Dualtron, Speedway, Inokim, Zoom, Evo, etc models. Our accessories are geared towards making a greener world which  promotes going green and save the world. One of our most popular product line is the range of accessories that makes your scooters public transport friendly. Remember to check us or our dealers out if you have a scooter.

Carbonrevo aims to be recognized as a premier organization that delivers a promise of exceptional value and productivity solutions to their customers, with consistent returns for the shareholders.


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