Tow Handle for Dualtron & Speedway 4 & 5

SGD $70.00

  • Ergonomic design with professional coating.
  • Suitable for mounting rear lights, towing of other scooters or even as a foot rest for you.
  • Carrying the scooter using this handle is highly not recommended as it may cause back injury due to the posture.
  • Mounts to original holes on Dualtron & Speedway 4 models that has the M6 screw thread on the Rear Suspension. It is the same place where you mount the seat.
  • Cannot be installed together with the seat.
  • Screws & Washers are included.
  • For Dualtron 3 and Thunder owners who wish to install both tow handle and mudguard together, please get the Adaptor for Tow Handle & Mudguard.
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Packed Volumetric Weight 0.4 kg
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Red, Black, Orange, Green, GunMetal, Black, Silver, NeoChrome, Gold, Purple, Blue