Tow Handle Reinforcement

New Product Updates from Carbonrevo – Reinforcement For Dualtron Tow Handle.


We have just added a new product. We know many of you are using our Dualtron Tow Handle. And some of you may be doubling it as a footrest too.  This new reinforcement is designed to strengthen the base of the tow handle in order to manage the extra load which is exerted on the tow handle when used as a footrest.

The good thing is, Its currently on sale till the end of the month. We do have bulk discount should you decide to order it for your groups.

Do check it out. Cheers

Tow Handle Reinforcement Bracket for Dualtron – 7075 Aluminium

Something to share from Singapore


Its been some time since the last update. Things have been very eventful for electric scooters community here in Singapore.

Its been just announced yesterday that from today 5th Nov 2019 onward, pmds are not allowed on footpaths anymore. Previously they are also banned from roads. Whats left is only cycling and shared paths which is not very accessible for most people. And you got to push your scooters till you get there. The delivery riders are the ones worst hit by the latest ban. Some resort to riding on grass patches. Today, many of them are in debts trying to pay off their new scooters after upgrading twice within a year to fulfill the legal requirements to be UL2272 certified. Some are disabled, trying to make an honest living and many others were previously jobless. Now they are worse off. Do not let this happen to you in your country.

Every one has a responsibility for the actions he take. So don’t be like Singapore. Don’t wait till its too late.

Ride safe. Ride Responsibly.