Something to share from Singapore


Its been some time since the last update. Things have been very eventful for electric scooters community here in Singapore.

Its been just announced yesterday that from today 5th Nov 2019 onward, pmds are not allowed on footpaths anymore. Previously they are also banned from roads. Whats left is only cycling and shared paths which is not very accessible for most people. And you got to push your scooters till you get there. The delivery riders are the ones worst hit by the latest ban. Some resort to riding on grass patches. Today, many of them are in debts trying to pay off their new scooters after upgrading twice within a year to fulfill the legal requirements to be UL2272 certified. Some are disabled, trying to make an honest living and many others were previously jobless. Now they are worse off. Do not let this happen to you in your country.

Every one has a responsibility for the actions he take. So don’t be like Singapore. Don’t wait till its too late.

Ride safe. Ride Responsibly.


Dualtron Ultra Brake Bracket & Rotor Adaptor - 7075 Aluminium

Planning a brake upgrade for your Dualtron Thunder?


If you are a Dualtron Thunder Owner who may be planning to upgrade your brakes. You will definitely need this 7075 Brake Bracket and Rotor Spacer Kit. However there are a few concerns that you should be aware of before proceed with this upgrade.

  1. PCD Holes. 44mm/48mm
    1. PCD Holes of your new rotor.
      1. PCD Holes of your exisiting motor. Different generations of Thunder has different PCD.
      2. If the PCD holes are the same, then u will only need to get the basic 7075 Brake Bracket and Rotor Spacer Kit which has a 3mm thick rotor kit and add on 12mm low head low profile screws.
      3. If the PCD holes are not the same, then u will need to get the other version of the kit instead. Its meant for those with 48mm PCD on motors and 44mm PCD for rotors. Screws will be included.
  2. Motor Cable
    1. With this upgrade, screws on the rotor will be very much closer to the motor cable. Its very important to make sure that you check and make sure that the both do not come into contact or or you will risk cutting your motor cable and it will be disastrous.
    2. From our point of view, we do not recommend putting the motor cable back through that tiny hole in the suspension arm. Instead what we do it to route it outside of the suspension arm like Ultra. Its much easier for future servicing etc. Its just too much work trying to remove a motor and there will always be constant damage to motor cable whenever u try to squeeze it through that small hole.


Dualtron Thunder Brake Bracket & Rotor Spacer – Aluminium 7075 (For 48mm to 44mm PCD )


We are back!

Hello there!

We just returned to work today subsequent to taking a couple of days break. It’s nearly the finish of the school vacations here in Singapore and we chose to expedite the children an excursion to Malaysia. It’s been work and work for as far back as couple of months and I haven’t got time for my family. It’s a great opportunity to take a break.

I might want to apologize to u If we have made any bother u throughout this break,

This outing is tied in with finding new yummy foods, pleasant spots and family bonding. In rundown, we search out new food stops en route, new relax spot to hang out, took the metro mrt, went durian picking in an estate, saw a standout amongst the most excellent dusk in an old angling town. We additionally played Jenga as a whole family of three generations .

It is certainly an astounding knowledge for us. We unquestionably appreciated it and brought home numerous valuable recollections. Life isn’t just about work. Family is as significant too. So remember to invest more energy with your friends and family

Indeed, we thank you for your thoughtful understanding. For those who have placed your orders or sent us some messages over the last few days when we were away, we will be working on your orders and replying your messages soon.

Good health!

Team Carbonrevo