Dualtron Deck Side Cover Bumper Kit – 1 Pair

SGD $25.00SGD $50.00

  • Protects your deck covers against scratches during falls.
  • Or you can cover up your existing ugly scratches.
  • All mounting and charging holes are not blocked unless you request it.
  • Sport your own style. Turn something ugly into something that wows.
  • Design can be custom according to your preferences.
    • For custom ones, you get to choose
      • Background color.
      • Text Font & Color
      • Stencil Style or 3D Style for the fonts.
    • The basic ones are black and comes with reflective Carbonrevo text.
  • Each piece comes with 3M double sided tape. So u just have to peel it off and paste it on. You just have to make sure the surface is cleaned properly.
  • For surfaces that are already badly scarred, you might need to use some sandpaper to sand the uneven part off.
  • This item does not fit Thunder, DT3, Spider.
  • from 5 pcs.from 15 pcs.from 25 pcs.
    SGD $25.00-SGD $50.00 SGD $22.50-SGD $45.00SGD $25.00-SGD $50.00 SGD $21.25-SGD $42.50SGD $25.00-SGD $50.00 SGD $18.75-SGD $37.50

Additional information

Packed Volumetric Weight 0.3 kg

Gloss Black with Reflective Carbonrevo Text. $25 SGD / Pair, Matt Black with Reflective Carbonrevo Text. $25 SGD / Pair, Yes I want to custom mine. $50 / Pair, Matt Black with no text . $25 SGD / Pair

Remove Screw Holes

Yes Remove them, No. Keep it