VSett 10+ 3D LED Deck
2 Pin Male Female Connectors for LEDS
VSett 10+ 3D LED Deck
VSett 10+ 3D LED Deck
VSett 10+ 3D LED Deck
VSett 10+ 3D LED Deck – Style 1
VSett 10+ 3D LED Deck – Style 2
VSett 10+#D LED Litchenberg Deck
VSett 10+ 3D LED Deck
VSett 10+ 3D LED Deck
Scratch Resistant Vs Clear
  • This is a piece of add on LED 3D Deck for VSett 10+ Electric Scooter.
  • No wiring knowledge required at all. Just plug into an external battery and u are good to go.
  • We can design from scratch or work from an image that you like.
  • Custom Text can be added too. Any language will do.
  • Matte Black is the only option for Top Layer
  • Average lead time is 7 working days after confirmation of the design.
  • See Video below.
  • Our LEDs comes with 2 Pin Male Female Connectors. Please make sure your scooter has the same , else you will need to make your own connection.
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VSett 10+ Deck Cover – 3D LED

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VSett 10+ Deck Cover – 3D LED

To make your scooter special with Carbonrevo! Get the high quality parts that look much cool, nice then we will pack it and ship to you anywhere in the world. You will be happy.


  •  Installation.
    • Remove screws from Original Deck.
    • Install new deck on top of the original.
    • Put in the new screws.
    • Connect to your own preferred power source. Round head connector provided.
    • Download app using QR code in packaging.
    • See video below on bluetooth connection.
    • Done! Enjoy.

Additional information

Weight 3.9 kg
Dimensions 59 × 44 × 4 cm


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