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Upgrades to Carbonrevo Reflective Rim Stickers Customizer.

Reflective Rim Stickers Customizer

Upgrades to Carbonrevo Reflective Rim Stickers Customizer.

HI All,

We have just finished an upgrade to one of the most hot sellers. Customizable Reflective Rim Stickers.

Some interesting facts you might be interested.

  • The product options that you selected is now responsive in real time. Whatever changes or options selected will be shown immediately.
  • More options are available now. There are countless variants for you to create and explore. Not to worry, if the existing options still do not excite you, please contact us directly at lawrence@carbonrevo.com. We will do our best to make one that makes you smile.

Here is a quick guide of how to go about customizing yours in just 4 steps.

  • Select Scooter Model
  • Select Rim Base Color
  • Select Design & Color
  • Select Text / Brands & Color

Why not give it a try. You might just create the one that is just for you. Here is the link https://www.carbonrevo.com/product/reflective-rim-stickers-customizer/.

Go ahead and try Have fun.

That’s all for today! Have a good day!


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