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Today we will like to share abit more about Safe Charging Habits for your personal mobility devices.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has come up with some safety tips for charging PMDs, we thought it is good information to help disseminate.

  1. Avoid overcharging the battery, especially leaving it to charge overnight.
  2. When charging such batteries, place them on hard flat surfaces to allow optimal dissipation of heat.
  3. Do not place the charging battery near combustible materials.

To qualify, this is general advice that should be applied to ALL devices that use LITHIUM batteries. This includes not only most of the e-scooters and hoverboards in the market, but also to personal electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc.

That is because in the periodic table, Lithium (Li) is one of the alkali metals, which are all highly reactive and flammable. That is why special care and protection circuits are needed for lithium batteries, and they are susceptible to combustion when the protection circuits fail and they are overcharged.

So please keep all these tips in mind while having your fun. Safety First! Hope you enjoy your weekend!


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