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Carbonrevo Kiddy Bar V2 for Dualtron.

Dualtron Kiddy Bar V2

Carbonrevo Kiddy Bar V2 for Dualtron.


Introducing Carbonrevo Kiddy Bar.

Demand for this item has been growing steadily. Be it as a kiddy bar for your little ones to hold or to hang your groceries. Its definitely the one that you can use for a long time.

Designed in 3D for Dualtron, this part is cnc milled from high grade aluminium to precision with a trim lining revealing the raw material beneath. It has tremendous holding power and does not deform unlike other cheaper alternatives. Combined with a carbon fibre rod and led bar end lights, it combines form and function. Installation is easy and no modification is required.

Here is a video of us doing a test loading for the kiddy bar.

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Carbonrevo Carbon Fibre Kiddy Bar – Dualtron ( All Models )

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