Welcome to CARBONREVO. Premium Quality Accessories for your Electric Scooters

Do you ship overseas?

Yes. Definitely we do with the exception of Ukraine & Russia for now. We work with Fedex and the local postal office to ship our orders worldwide. We pack and ship the same , if not next working day. Most shipments by Fedex takes about 2-7 working days whereas the shipping by Postal Office takes about 30-90 working days. Please use Fedex if possible.

  • How long does it take for the order to be shipped to me?
    • We generally ship the same working day or the next working day for most items. Items like LED Decks or items that are on backorders will take a longer time.
  • How long is the delivery time?
    • For Fedex / DHL – Estimated Shipping Time.
      • USA (4-6 Working Days)
      • Europe (5-7 Working Days)
      • Asia (4-6 Working Days)
      • Australia / New Zealand ( 8-12 Working Days )
    • For Registered Mail ( Super Terrible Service ) – Estimated Shipping Time
      • 20-30 Working Days.
      • Tracking on www.singpost.com
      • Tracking is as good as none.
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